We're The Crowns!

About Us

We love celebrating love!
You're preparing to declare your love to the world and the thought that you would trust us to document such an important day is both humbling and exciting.
We want you to have the wedding of your dreams and believe that you should enjoy the experience of your wedding day just as much as your final images!
Whether that's a black-tie affair at a church cathedral, an intimate backyard event with a your closest family and friends, or even just the two of you alone in the mountains for an elopement. We're up for wherever your adventure takes us.


We’re quirky, love to laugh, and love to be together.

We believe in the power of a printed photograph, and that the moments we capture will live on forever as a lasting legacy. We want to tell the whole story of your day, so that one day your children and grandchildren will be able to look back and see where they come from.

Our photography isn’t about us, it’s about you. Your legacy, your emotion, your story. It’s about passing on a legacy of your most important moments. When you see your pictures they should take you back to those moments and remind you how you felt.

Limited wedding dates still available for the fall of 2020!

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Us: info@crownphotography.ca

Do you travel for weddings?

We frequently travel across western Canada to photograph and film wedding days, and we'd be more than happy to travel to your wedding location too! When you inquire, we will include a quote for a travel fee for your wedding, which varies depending on how far we need to travel and how long we'll need to be away. The travel fee covers the cost of our fuel and accommodations for the trip and is simply included in your contract and final invoice.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

We have umbrellas!
Seriously, we have like 25 of them sitting in the back of our car at all times, just in case this happens.
Some of our favourite wedding photographs have been taken in the rain! It adds so much visual interest and the cloudy skies are so moody and romantic.
While we realize that rain is usually not anyones first choice for their wedding day, we can still make amazing photographs together!

I'm having an outdoor ceremony. Do you have any tips or recommendations about how to set it up for the best lighting?

Yes we do!
For outdoor ceremonies, we always recommend that you try to setup in such a way that the sun will be directly behind the altar. This will ensure that you have the most flattering and even lighting in all of your portraits!

I think I'd like to hire you for both photography and video, how does that work?

This is a great question! We actually have an entire FAQ page in our pricing guide that outlines what's included in a photography and film collection and we'd love to send it to you! Just inquire with your wedding date and we can send it your way.
On days where we capture both photography and video, Tracey will photograph and film the girls getting ready while Mark does the same with the boys. Then, once everyone gets back together for the remainder of the day, Tracey will be the primary photographer while Mark will focus primarily on video and on capturing audio of the important events such as ceremony vows and speeches.