Azul Fives Wedding: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
June 10, 2016

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Jon and Lindsay’s Azul Fives Wedding

It’s hard to believe that only a week ago Tracey and I were in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico photographing and filming Jon and Lindsay’s Azul Fives Wedding!
It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of your surroundings in a place like Mexico. The sandy beach, amazing sunshine and beautiful resort are all breathtaking. But for Tracey and me, the most amazing part of the trip was watching Jon and Lindsay express their love for each other so openly.
I opined later that the intimacy of the wedding (there were just under 30 guests) allowed these two to really be themselves no matter where they were (free from the butterflies of standing in front of 200-300 people for example), but the more I think about it the more I realize that Jon and Lindsay simply choose to express their love for each other openly, which is a beautiful and inspiring thing.

Listen to what Jon wrote to Lindsay the morning of their wedding.
“I remember the first time I saw you. Almost ten years later and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Your beautiful blonde hair, that smile that you couldn’t help but smile back when you saw it and your eyes; those eyes made time stop for me. Since then I’ve been constantly falling for you. From the random times you hold my hand, to the gentle way you say my name. Those small moments may seem insignificant, but they give me butterflies every time.”

And here’s what Lindsay wrote to Jon.
“I knew that when I met you my life was going to change forever. We were only kids back then and even still I knew I had found that man I was going to marry. I’ve watched you grow into a kind and amazing man and I still cannot believe that I have been so lucky in life to have found you. You are everything I could have ever wanted in a husband, you are: strong, kind, compassionate and always willing to put my happiness above your own. You are my best friend and my whole heart.”

I’ll pause here while you reflect on just how beautiful that is.

Okay back to business (If you’re still crying, feel free to take another minute. We won’t judge).
If you’ve followed our work for long you’ll already know that we care deeply about capturing and preserving the legacy moments that happen on a wedding day. This day was full of them! We’ve put together a teaser film (right above this post, go watch it if you haven’t already!) that gives you an idea of just how beautiful Jon and Lindsay’s wedding day was. Below, are a few of our favourite photographs from the day as well.
We’re proud to know that we will be able to provide Jon and Lindsay with a wedding album that captures every moment of their Azul Fives wedding day and tells their unique story from beginning to end. We’re also so excited to provide them with a feature film (in addition to the teaser above) that captures the most important moments of their day. These are real, tangible ways that Jon and Lindsay will be able to share the legacy of how they began life together with their children and grandchildren.  To us, it’s a true honour to be trusted with such a responsibility.

Congratulations Jon and Lindsay!
Tracey and I wish you all the best as you embark on the next chapter of life together.


Jon and Lindsay’s Azul Fives Wedding

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