[dropcap style=”dropcap2″]W[/dropcap]hen we met Emerson to take his baby portraits he was just under two months old. Now he’s six months old (time goes by so fast) and we got another chance to come back and take some more photos of this adorable baby boy.

Emerson was a little bit under the weather when Tracey went up to Vegerville to visit him and his parents, but you would never know it judging by the adorable smiles and poses from his session!

[blockquote]Baby portraits are a way to remember one of the most special times in your son or daughters life[/blockquote]

Here’s a couple of our favorite photographs from the session.


baby portrait: Emerson-021

Baby portraits or newborn portraits: What’s the difference?

Newborn portraits are very popular these days and often people ask what the difference is between getting photos done of their newborn or getting baby portraits done is. Our answer is we love both! But for different reasons. Newborn photographs are a great way to remember the first few days of your precious bundle of joy. But baby portraits (usually we like to do them when the baby is about six months old) are totally different. Think about how much change happens in the first six months of an infants life. They can smile, laugh and recognize your voice. Sometimes they can even sit up by themselves! baby portraits are just another chance to preserve memories that you will always remember and never get back.

We often wish we would have taken even more photos of our two little children when they were younger. We thought we’d remember all of the little mannerisms, laughs and expressions. But the truth is, those memories are usually triggered by looking back at pictures.

Baby portraits are a way to remember one of the most special times in your son or daughters life.

Here’s an example of a photo we took of Emerson when he was six weeks old and then underneath it a photo we took just last week. It’s amazing to see how similar his expressions are and at the same time he is so much more mature!



We thought we’d end this post with a couple more of our favorite pictures of Emerson.



Happy Monday, Enjoy the sunshine.