At the end of April I had the chance to take a quick holiday back to BC and, although the trip mainly consisted of taking care of sick children while feeling quite sick myself, there were a few highlights mixed in.
The best one was finally getting to meet an energetic little guy name Jase.
I had to wait four months to meet this little man and loved being able to get to see him and his beautiful mamma. Lucky for me there was a shower planned for him and I decided to capture as much of it as I could for them.
Just over four months ago while I was in Vancouver to photograph a wedding I was able visit with Danica and her husband to get in some maternity shots for them. Then of course the day after I had left to come back to Alberta, Jace was born! I’m very thankful that we have been able to capture Brian and Danica’s wedding and maternity photos and so glad that despite a crazy holiday, I could make it for the shower and capture the memories of that day too.
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