Camrose Winter Wedding: Scott and Ashley
February 29, 2016

Camrose Winter Wedding

“Are you ready to see your bride, Scott?” A stupid question right? Of course he was ready, but his response still took me by surprise. He was so sincere, so genuine that I could tell he didn’t have a single other thing on his mind.
“Mark, I can not wait, I bet she looks beautiful.” He was right.
The limo bus parked down the road and we led Scott into a tree-lined path, positioning him so that he couldn’t see Ashley as she rounded the corner and tapped him on the shoulder. Boy was he right, and the smile that lit up across his face was so contagious I think I was still grinning when we were finished taking portraits two hours later.
This was their day, this was their moment and everything else simply faded away.
I love watching couples interact, looking for the subtle notes of affection they share with each other when they don’t think anyone is paying attention. Scott was so attentive, so invested and Ashley simply melted into him and held him close. This is going to be one amazing couple.
In Camrose, winter wedding’s are common, but this year’s tame temperatures meant we had a little less snow to work with than we’re used to, but you’d never know it by looking at the photographs. Scott and Ashley trusted us and we led them to some of our favourite “Secret” locations. I’m always amazed watching Tracey work, she could make anything look beautiful, she just has an eye for it and this wedding day was no different. We chased the sunlight around, trampled through the snow and created a beautiful adventure.
We had so much fun with these two and we’re so excited to share a few of their photographs with you.
Congratulations Scott and Ashley. Tracey and I wish you all the best as you start your life together.

[tg_accordion title=”Click Here For Wedding Vendors” icon=”” close=”1″]Bride’s Dress: Bridal Debut, Sherwood Park
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Davids Bridal, Edmonton
Men’s Tuxedos: Derks formal wear, Edmonton
Wedding Cake: Trisha Parsons, Edmonton
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