A Country Wedding: Hannah and Brett
February 4, 2016

Brett and Hannah’s Country Wedding

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[one_half]When I think about Hannah and Brett’s country wedding the thing that I remember are the tears.
I pulled up to the house and introduced myself to the groomsmen and said hi to Brett. The suits were hanging in a perfect row across the north wall in the living room. Sun flooded the room from the south facing window and an iPhone connected to a speaker blasted in the corner.
Hannah’s dad was cracking jokes and I had to stop and re-compose myself a couple of times because I was laughing so hard – tears.
Later that day I found myself standing alone with Brett as he waited to see Hannah for the first time. He told me they’d been together for a long time, he was excited to see her, excited for the next step in their lives together. Moments later I explained to Hannah that Brett was waiting for her just down the path. I ducked into position out of the line of sight of Tracey’s camera and I watched (through my lens) as Brett turned, Hannah smiled and they embraced. Then – tears.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Before I knew it the portrait session was finished. I was grinning with excitement as I stood to the left of the ceremony entrance. I knew we’d already taken some beautiful images and I was excited for the next part of the day. Brett and his groomsmen entered, then the bridesmaids, then Hannah. I often float along the outside edges as the ceremony takes place. It allows me to observe the whole scene and focus in on important emotions while Tracey covers the couple from the centre aisle. I watched as Brett said his vows. I shifted to the right side as Hannah said her vows. She paused as she looked up to meet Brett’s stare. I lifted my camera. Then – tears.
I’m a crier myself, so it should come as no surprise that these were my favourite moments.
Theirs was a day of laughter, of heartfelt emotion, of joyful celebration. I will never forget those emotions.
But I will always remember the tears.

– Mark

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[quote]”I watched (through my lens) as Brett turned, Hannah smiled and they embraced. Then – tears.”[/quote]

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Brett and Hanna’s Country Wedding

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