This Edmonton engagement session was picture perfect!
Armando and Krystal met while working at the Cineplex Odeon in south Edmonton so it just seemed fitting that we start their engagement session in the theatre! What an absolute riot to set up lights and spend an hour running around a theatre all by ourselves (They even made popcorn).
It was a lot of stairs (especially for Mark, who didn’t realize there were power outlets near the top of the stairs and ran up and down the theatre moving lights), but the pictures were worth it. Armando and Krystal look great and they were so easy to work with. After the theatre our next stop was the river valley where we found some beautiful green space and interesting architecture to continue the session. Armando is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan and they had brought matching jerseys (which looked awesome) for the last part of the session.
It’s amazing how much you can tell a couple loves each other by the way they interact. Krystal and Armando would chat back and forth quietly while we photographed them and make jokes and laugh. That natural joy is so obvious in their faces and we love seeing it!
Getting to know Armando and Krystal was a lot of fun. We loved how their photographs turned out and can’t wait for the wedding!
Congratulations to the happy couple.

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