Filmmaking Workshop

March 19, 2022

Start creating great videos with the gear you have right now!

Video is hard, but we're here to help!

Learn the basics, shoot alongside us, edit your own film!

What You'll Learn

How To Optimize Your Camera Settings For Video

Learn how to shoot in different frame rates and video formats to achieve the look and feel you want in your films!

How To Create Movement

Learn to direct your clients and move your camera so that your films aren't static.

How To Stabilize Your Camera

Learn simple techniques to keep your camera from shaking even if you don't have a fancy gimbla! (we will also show you how to use a gimbal if you have one).

How To Add Music and Sound Effects In Your Edit

Sound is so important! Learn how to give your films the impact they need by adding music, sound effects and audio while you're editing.

How To Shoot And Edit Slow Motion Footage

Many people think you can turn any clip into a slow motion shot, but that's not the case! Learn how to shoot slow motion footage and then, how to edit it so that it looks amazing!

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Workshop Timeline

  • 9:00 AM – Welcome to the studio and meet everyone!
  • 9-10:30 AM – Theory, similarities and differences between photography and video
  • 10:30 AM – Coffee break *coffee and snacks provided
  • 10:45-Noon – Theory, shooting for the edit and how to plan out awesome videos
  • Noon – 1 PM – LUNCH BREAK
  • 1-2:00 PM – How I shoot (working with models to teach shots/posing/movement)
  • 2- 5 PM – Live couples session with models. Everyone will shoot footage and work to get b-roll as well as main shots
  • 5-6PM – DINNER BREAK *Dinner is included with your ticket
  • 6-7:00 PM – Editing tutorial (setting up premiere pro and editing your film)
  • 7- 9PM – Edit your film on your device and get feedback/help from me!

Come to our studio for the day!

We’re teaching the entire workshop at our studio, which means you can bring all of your gear with you and be prepared to shoot with us, enjoy some beverages and edit with us into the night!
We want you to leave having finished an entire minuature film of your own and we can’t wait for you to see the amazing styled shoot we have planned for this workshop.

Have Questions? Workshop FAQ!

What gear do I need to bring with me to participate in the workshop?

DSLR or Mirorless camera that shoots video along with any lenses you have is the only thing required. But bring whatever you have! (gimbals, monopods, shoulder rigs etc.) We will also be editing together in the workshop so if you have a computer to edit on, bring that too!

Where is the workshop being held?

We will be hosting the workshop at our studio in Camrose! The 1907 building has all kinds of charm and is the perfect setting to create in.

I want to start making videos, but it feels so overwhelming, will this workshop help?

Yes!!! Trust us, you are not alone. Getting started in the video world can feel so overwhelming, but you can do it! This workshop is the perfect place to start.

Will food be provided?

Attendees will need to bring their own lunch, but we will provide coffee and snacks throughout the day as well as a catered dinner (Pizza, salad and drinks).

How many tickets are being sold?

Because we want to make sure that each attendee gets ample time to shoot with the models and all of the coaching help they need, we are limiting the workshop to six attendees. Keeping it small and intimate will make sure that everyone can maximize their time and leave feeling ready to start shooting their own work!

Will I be able to shoot with my own gear during the workshop?

Yes! We have models coming and we want to make sure you have time to work with them and learn how to shoot establishing shots, b-roll and portraits during the workshop.

What editing software do you use?

Mark edits all of our films on Adobe Premier Pro and that is what he will be teaching from during the workshop. But don't worry if you use a different editing program, most of them allow you similar control and freedom so you can still follow along on a different platform, even if it's not exactly the same.

What if I don't have a laptop to edit on?

Because we're keeping it small and editing in the studio (in the evening) there is space for you to bring your desktop computer if that's what you edit on! If you don't have an editing computer yet, don't worry. You can still learn alot by watching the editing portion of the evening.

How much does the workshop cost?

We're offering this one-day (12 hour) workshop for $700. Your ticket includes admitance into the workshop as well as coffee/snacks during the day and dinner!