We had already been working for a few hours — I had dropped Tracey off to hang out with the girls as they were getting ready and then departed to take some pictures of the guys. I checked my phone quickly as I walked the centre aisle, “five more minutes,” I muttered to myself tucking the phone into my pocket.
I had rushed ahead to set up our lights and prepare the camera equipment for the ceremony. Guests had started to arrive a few minutes ago and the entire sanctuary was abuzz with excitement. I fired a couple of test shots and checked my camera, “ready.” I thought to myself.
But however ready I had imagined myself to be, however prepared we were for the moments ahead; nothing could have braced us for the beauty that was about to unfold.
“They’re here!” Tracey half shouted to me across the room as she paced towards my side of the sanctuary.
We quickly discussed positioning and got into our places just in time to hear the priest ask everyone to rise.
Then it happened.
The moment everyone had been waiting for was upon us.
The crowd bustled with excitement as Amanda entered the aisle on her fathers arm, and stared straight into the eyes of the man she’d given her heart too.
A smile so large — so unavoidably joyful — spread across his face. There she was, his beloved.
Mike and Amanda were married February 1, 2014 and we had the distinct pleasure of sharing in their day as their photographers.
It was a beautiful day filled with more memories than there is space for in this post. But suffice it to say we enjoyed every minute of it!
After a traditional Catholic ceremony and almost two hours of creative portraits (in which they braved the elements) we found ourselves at the Camrose Regional Exhibition for the reception.
Speeches ensued, followed by a slide show and the cake. But the most memorable part of the evening were the first dances.
Mike and Amanda have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, and during the father daughter dance, their youngest made a beeline for her mother and grandfather.
The entire crowd watched as the 18-month old ventured out across the dance floor and wrapped her arms around her grandfathers leg. His response, priceless.
Instantly, and all in one fluid motion, he bent down and scooped her into his arms. The three of them finished the dance together — a beautiful end to a wonderful day.

Congratulations Mike and Amanda!
And thank you for letting us share your day with you.

Hair by:  Inspirations Salon and Spa (Located at the Camrose Resort Casino)
Dress by: Brides and Beaus, Camrose
Brides Makeup by: Jocelyn Neufeld (of Shoppers Drug Mart), Camrose
Bridesmaids Makeup by: Jocelyn Neufeld and Elizabeth Filip
Grooms suit: Black and Lee Tuxedos
Ceremony: St. Francis Xavier Parish, Camrose
Reception: Camrose Regional Exhibition