Graeme and Leah’s Wedding
July 20, 2016

“We have a chance to do something different.” I half-shout over the music at the reception. “Something we’ve never done with a wedding couple before, but it’s a little crazy. You interested?”

“Let’s do it!” Leah says. No hesitation.

Two minutes later her and Graeme stand together in a field behind the Best Western Camrose Resort Casino. The air is thick and heavy. A warm breeze is blowing in from the west. Then it happens. Lightning bolts fill the sky around us, followed by a thunderous billow. We are  standing in the middle of a lightning storm.

“Okay I think we’re ready. Turn slightly towards each other. Chin up a touch. Hold still.”

Hold still. The kind of thing I say a hundred times a day without thinking. But, right now it’s different. It’s ‘hold still while the sky goes crazy.’


Graeme and Leah’s wedding was an absolute blast. We enjoyed every single moment of it. From popping champaign with the girls in her fathers canola field (he say’s it’s the best canola field he’s grown in his years as a farmer) to fishing with the guys at the fish pond and everything in between.

The ceremony was beautiful, the reception was filled with emotion and you can see that these two are perfect for each other every time their eyes meet.

And, perhaps it’s fitting that I share one more little story about this wonderful wedding day. One that still makes me chuckle when I think about it.

~The night before the wedding ~

“Mark, you need to do the best job. I mean it, best you’ve ever done.”
Tracey is standing over me as I kneel in the office packing our bags. I’m cleaning the front element of my 35mm lens. I pause for a moment, look towards the desk and think: one, two, three, four… yes we have all of the batteries charged.
“Yeah, sure dear.” I say, half-realizing I’m not really paying attention.
“I mean it. I really like them they are SO cool, I want us to be friends after so, we need to rock this.”
“Okay, okay. It’s going to go great. Trust me.” I say quickly.
Nothing like a little extra pressure. Thanks dear.

~The end of the wedding night~
“We had so much fun! Thanks for everything!” Leah says as Tracey hugs her (she’s a hugger). “So, can we be friends now?”
I half chuckle to myself. I thought Tracey would at least wait until we sent them the gallery.
Then I do a mental double take. That wasn’t Tracey’s voice.
Well how about that. After a few more pleasantries we’re out the door and heading to the jeep after a long day. I look over to see my wife doing her happy dance. The same dance she did after we had dinner with Robert J. Hill in Vancouver and she didn’t realize who he was until afterwards.
Not only did we enjoy every moment of this wedding. But, somehow; I think we may have gained some pretty amazing new friends in the process.


Congratulations Graeme and Leah. Thank you for being crazy enough to stand outside in a lightning storm and committed enough to say there until we got the shot!
Tracey and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. We’re so excited to share a gallery of some of our favourite images from the day!


[tg_accordion title=”Click Here For Wedding Vendors” icon=”” close=”1″]Makeup – Vanity by Nadisha
Hair- Stage 1 Salon
Dress- Novelle Bridal Shop
Suit- Duff Layton’s Men’s Wear

Decor – Kristen Hunter Events & Decor


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