Gull Lake Engagement Session: Braelyn & Kenten
June 16, 2016

Braelyn and Kenten’s Gull Lake engagement session included runaway cows, ice cream, leeches and a whole lot of laughter! Also, I may have accidentally sat down in the water because I was so focused on the picture I was trying to take (worth it).

We’re all set to photograph and film these two as they say, “I do” this September and so, we were excited to get a chance to spend some time with them during the engagement session so they could get comfortable in front of the lens together.

Gull Lake is roughly 30 km north of Red Deer and the shoreline was beautiful. After starting at Kenten’s cattle farm we hopped in the truck and headed for Sandy Point. First though, we had to stop and wrangle a few runaway cows (for a city boy like me that’s a pretty big task, so I just helped open a fence and then took photos). Once that was finished we stopped off for ice cream and headed for the lake.

Gull Lake Engagement Session:

Almost as soon as we got to the beech Tracey and I knew we were going ask Braelyn and kenten if they would wade into the water at the end so that we could use the low, setting sun. They were up for it and so we all took off our shoes and ventured out into the water. We only had about five minutes in the water because the sun was so low, so we had to work quickly. I could see that if I got my camera low enough there would be a beautiful reflection in the water and so I crouched down to try and get the shot. It wasn’t quite what I’d wanted, so I crouched lower. Still not quite right. Then, all of a sudden; I felt this cool sensation and realized that I was fully sitting in the lake… thankfully I did’t have my phone on me!

I will say however, that the image was totally worth it! Just stunning. As the couple emerged Kenten realized he’d been attacked by a leech (Sorry about that)! But other than a small bite, and my soaked pants we emerged unscathed.

This was our first Gull Lake engagement session and I will say I would love to photograph more sessions there. The scenery was beautiful!

Tracey and I are both looking forward to taking it in again this fall at the wedding.

But don’t worry Braelyn, I promise not to ask you to wade into the water in your wedding dress.

Congrats to you both!




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