Jason and Jessica’s Wedding
July 27, 2016

Before taking our photography business full time I worked for years as a writer at both a weekly and daily newspaper. One of the things that experience taught me was this: sometimes, there are just no words.
In those moments I find that it’s often a photograph which conveys the significance, emotion and value of a moment. It’s one of the reasons that Tracey and I enjoy our job so much. The power of a photograph to transcend time and take you back to a moment, to preserve a legacy; is so valuable.
For me, Jason and Jessica’s entire wedding day was one of these moments and so, for the most part; I will let the photographs communicate the depth of love, joy, sorrow and emotion that took place. Jessica’s mom is very ill and she wasn’t able to be present for the wedding. She watched the ceremony via Facetime. But she was a real and important part of the wedding day. She was present in the hearts and minds of every single person in attendance.
Tracey and I left Jason and Jessica’s wedding exhausted, but refreshed and truly honoured to have been asked to photograph such an important day. We knew that every single image was important. We knew that the couple was aware of the legacy they were preserving in their images. We were so impressed by their strength and their love for each other.

Jason and Jessica above all we want to say thank you. We were honoured to laugh, cry and journey with you on your wedding. You both looked fabulous and we LOVE your images.

We’re excited to share a few of our favourites below.



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