“Lovebirds” Engagement Session
March 11, 2015

The Gwynne Valley just outside of Camrose was the perfect location to make an engagement video and to take creative portraits for these two lovebirds! We had so much fun with Hailey and Bruce, they were game for everything we asked them to do and it turned out to be amazing. We tried something new with these two by adding audio in their engagement film. We asked them to record their answers to a few questions (without letting the other person know what they said), giving the answers as if they were speaking directly to the other person.  Both of them were such great sports, and their answers were so beautiful. Sometimes it can be hard to open up and tell someone how you feel, even though they know you feel it!
Not all of the answers made it into the film, so here’s a couple of interesting tidbits we found out. One of the things that first drew Bruce to Hailey? Her macaroni casserole! And what drew Hailey to first notice Bruce? He was trying out for her dad’s basketball team! You heard it here first! You’ll have to watch the engagement film for the rest of their answers.
As for the photos, we couldn’t have been happier. After all, how many couples can say they fed birds out of their hands during their engagement session! We kept an eye on the sun the entire session and we were pretty sure we weren’t going to get the magical sunset we were hoping for. But just at the last minute the sun broke from clouds and we had about 15 minutes to take silhouettes, and WOW were we glad that we had that time.

Hailey and Bruce are getting Married on the East Coast, and while we wont be making the trip to celebrate with them, we’re so excited for them to start their lives together!
Congratulations to you both, we wish you nothing but happiness in your life together.

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