In-home Newborn Photography Session
January 26, 2016

Newborn Photography: A labor of love!

A message from Tracey:
I took a break from newborn photography in 2015. The biggest reason was because it just felt overwhelming to have SO MUCH stuff. I felt like I had to create these perfectly posed images in clients homes and so I lugged a giant posing pillow around and I brought a ton of lighting equipment and it was exhausting!

The truth is it robbed me of the joy of capturing these precious little lives because I was so focused on the gear that I wasn’t able to enjoy the process of creating the images. I had to take a step back to understand what it was that was stripping the joy out of newborn photography for me, because I love babies.

When I started accepting new clients for newborn photography in 2016 it was my goal to make it clear that what I believed in was a little different than what I’d done in the past. I wanted to shift my focus to more of a minimalist approach. One that focused more on natural light and documenting the first moments of a beautiful new life in their environment.

I still photograph babies in baskets and cute wraps (everyone loves those and so do I!), but I also want to capture the nursery that you spent time designing, the first home your baby lived in and the raw emotions you feel when you hold your child. To me, those are just as important (if not more important) than the posed images, because they will be memories you will hold on to for the rest of your life.

[tg_teaser columns=”one” image=”” title=”Top Tips For Newborn Photography” align=”center” bgcolor=”#000000″ fontcolor=”#ffffff”]Keep reading and click on each tip to see our suggestions for newborn photography and to learn more about what to expect when you book a session with us.[/tg_teaser]


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[tg_accordion title=”Pre-Book your Photographer” icon=”” close=”1″]I recommend you pre-book your photographer. Babies come on their own time, but at least your due date will be in the calendar because I only take a limited number of bookings each month. [/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Announce the Arrival” icon=”” close=”1″]Try to have the session booked within the first two weeks of your baby’s birth. Once baby arrives send me a message and we can find a time that works best for Tracey to come to your home.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Schedule Ahead of Time” icon=”” close=”1″]Keep in mind that our newborn photography sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday during daytime hours {because I want to use natural light as much as I can).

[tg_accordion title=”Choose your Space” icon=”” close=”1″]De-clutter the rooms you will want featured (things do not need to be spotless! You just had a baby, but know that what’s in the room will be in the photos). The most common rooms we will photograph in are the living room (majority of any baskets and posed images of the newborn will happen here), the nursery and the parents bedroom (bed and nightstand area) [/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Turn up the Heat” icon=”” close=”1″]Keep the temperature in your home turned up a little more than normal, warm babies are sleepy babies

[tg_accordion title=”Blankets are your friend” icon=”” close=”1″]Have your baby in a diaper only ( no clothing) and wrapped in a blanket (that way we won’t have to wake him/her if they fall asleep). Have any special blankets, keepsakes or toys you want included ready to go for when we arrive.[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Name Your Colours” icon=”” close=”1″]Let us know the colour profiles you prefer for your little one (neutrals, greys, pinks, blues, creams etc.)[/tg_accordion]

[tg_accordion title=”Include the Siblings” icon=”” close=”1″]Including Siblings: Let us know if you have older siblings (and their ages) so we have ideas and poses to include them as well.

[tg_accordion title=”Be Flexible” icon=”” close=”1″]Remember we will be able to capture as much as the baby allows us to. This might result in more sleeping posed images or more awake documentary style images depending on your baby’s mood, all of these images are important, unique and meaningful.


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Maxwell Nehemiah ~ 6 Days New

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Hire Me For Newborn Photography

In writing this I realize that not everyone will want to book this style of photographer and that’s okay with me. If what you want is posed photos with lights and pillows only there are a number of amazing photographers in the area who can do that for you. I would encourage you to look through the work of a few photographers and try to get a sense of their style (and if you don’t know, just ask!). If you decide you would like to hire me for newborn photography I will be so excited!
Special thanks to Pirates and Peonies Etsy Store for the custom printed receiving blanket and hat featured in this blog post!

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