Shawn and Chelsi’s Wedding
June 8, 2016

Tracey and I aren’t shy about the fact that we cry a lot. It seems like almost every wedding one of us tears up at some point. But, rarely does any one moment of a wedding day hit us both so hard that we’re choking back tears at the same time. Of course, Shawn and Chelsi’s wedding was one of these rare occasions.

The day had been amazing: Everyone was so relaxed and happy. We had a stunning first look, the portraits were breathtaking, the ceremony was beautiful. At the reception I had set up to the left of the podium to capture speeches. Tracey focused on the couple – she was about 5o feet to my right – in the middle of the dance floor. Everything was going great. No tears.

Then Chelsi’s parents stood up to speak and her father began recounting memories of his little girl. I lost it. Seriously, it was an ugly cry to top all ugly cries (I hid behind my camera and shot through it of course). I looked over to my right and noticed that Tracey was tearing up too.

It was a beautiful moment. A legacy handed down from one generation to the next. A loving example. Perfect.

Reflecting on this wedding I am struck by how many of these types of moments were present. Shawn and Chelsi’s love for each other is so genuine. You could see it in the way he looked at her, in the way that she held him close. You could see it in the way they interacted with their family and friends.

This was a group that understood what it means to love and they shared that love with each other, without reservation.

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Who, being loved, is poor?” A beautiful statement of the value we draw from our closest relationships.

In this vein I can’t help but feel that Shawn and Chelsi are as rich as they come.

Congratulations on your marriage. Thank you for allowing us to capture your legacy.

Here’s to the next chapter of your lives together.


[tg_accordion title=”Click Here For Wedding Vendors” icon=”” close=”1″]Hair & Make Up – Blue Mango
Band – Mourning Wood
Bride Dress – Allure Design
Bridesmaids Dresses – Bill Levkoff design
Cake & cupcakes – Nothing But Sweetness
Groomsmen attire – Tip Top Tailors
Groom – Robert Graham Dress shirt, rest of attire Tip Top Tailors
Engagement Ring – Leduc Goldsmiths
Wedding Bands – French’s Jewelry
Wedding Favors – made with love Mother of Bride Connie Woods [/tg_accordion]

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