Our first wedding of the summer season turned out to be one of the best experiences we could have possibly imagined. Set in the historic Bailey Theatre, Candace and Brett tied the knot in front of their family and friends before riding off into the sunset  in what Mark considered to be the coolest ride of these season, an Austin mini.

Their wedding party was a lot of fun and everyone was up for anything we asked them to do —which as it turned out was some pretty crazy stuff. From an abandoned barn outside of the city, to a small back-country lane. Candace and Brett never stopped smiling, and made our job easy.

Later that evening we celebrated with them during the reception at the Camrose Regional Exhibition. The speeches were emotional, the dancing was lively and the cake was incredible! It was truly a wonderful day with two wonderful people.

We are honoured to have been involved and wanted to share some of our favourite memories with you.












Candace and brett 6