We met up with Jessica and Nash on a crisp, sunny afternoon in downtown Camrose for their engagement session.
We weren’t sure what to expect as their SUV pulled up beside us — it was freezing cold and we were nervous it would be too cold for them — and they piled out the side door. But it it wouldn’t take long for those worries to fade away.
A strong handshake from Nash, the calming reassurance of Jessica; and two beautiful smiles from the most adorable girls in the world was all we needed to know this was going to be a special day.
We asked them to do just about everything you could imagine, but they were ready for it. Knee high snow, frozen fingers and the occasional shiver did nothing to hide the obvious love they share for each other.
When we planned their session one thing became very evident — Jessica wanted to finish the shoot with a silhouette in the sunset. We love silhouettes, but weren’t convinced we’d be fortunate enough to have a sunset to pull it off.
All we can say is we hope this brides luck continues through her wedding day! The sun was out, the sky was clear and we spent the last fourty-five minutes doing everything we could to get that perfect photograph.
We think they turned out pretty good, but we’re not prepared to let her run off just yet. After all, we are excited to spend the entire wedding day with both of them before they ride off into the sunset!