A month after we had the pleasure of secretly photographing Christian propose to Victoria (click here to read their story) they were back in front of our cameras again – this time for a full engagement session.
We decided that the badlands valley just outside of Drumheller would be the perfect location to spend an afternoon filming and photographing this beautiful couple and we secretly hoped we would get a beautiful sunset to finish the day off. Thankfully, that’s just what we got!
We are expanding to include short films with our  engagement packages and Victoria and Christian were gracious enough to volunteer as the subject of our first film. It was a really good experience and we learnt a lot in the process!
The concept is simple. Spend an afternoon or evening with us and Tracey will handle the photography while I (Mark) shoot the film. You don’t have to take any acting courses and it’s a lot of fun to do. Once you’re finished your session you will have your engagement photos along with a short film to share with friends and family as you prepare for the biggest day of your relationship thus far, your wedding.
We couldn’t be happier with the way Victoria and Christian’s images turned out, and we’re excited to show the short film too.
Congratulations to the happy couple, we can’t wait for October!

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