Vintage photography

Vintage photography is something that seems to be very popular today. There is just something addictive about going back in time to recreate some of the fashion and lighting trends from way before digital cameras existed!

What is a Creative Beauty Session?

One of our favorite sessions to do is a creative beauty session. These are the most artistic and playful photography sessions and often feel very relaxed. Krista was given a gift certificate for Christmas and we have been planing her session for months. She loves retro fashion and sent us photographs from different genres that she wanted to try. We came up with a vintage photography theme for her and started planning locations.

Of course as luck would have it the rain completely washed out our plans the day of the shoot. We couldn’t use the locations we had scouted and were forced to think on our feet and offer a different solution.

We didn’t want to just reschedule, Krista had spent so much time on her hair and make-up and we were excited to bring our ideas to life. So we decided to start the session indoors with old Hollywood noir studio style lighting.

Retro Glamour

Krista seemed completely comfortable with whatever we threw at her, and loved the idea of shooting with the old lighting techniques. Here are a couple of images that we took at the start of the session.

Vintage photography meets Hollywood Noir

Vintage photography meets Hollywood


Celebrity Lookalike?

After a costume change and some fabulous retro gloves we couldn’t help but notice Krista was starting to pose very similar to some of the famous photographs of Marilyn Monroe. So we quickly found one of the classic shots on our Ipad, showed it to Krista and had a little fun recreating the photograph. Here is Krista’s take on this classic photo.

vintage photography meets Hollywood

We took a few more photos just for fun while we had here all set up, here’s those gloves we were talking about.

Vintage photography gloves

Rain Rain Go Away…

After about an hour of shooting indoors we noticed that the rain was starting to let up a bit. So we decided on another costume change and quickly ran outside try the vintage photography inspired creative beauty session we had always planned.

The lighting was so even and soft, it made for beautiful photographs. Tracey did a great job capturing the details. Here’s a couple shots from the last part of our shoot.




More Celebrity Sitings

When we first started planing this session during the winter Krista mentioned that a lot of people have told her she looks a lot like Kirsten Dunst. We didn’t see it at first but when we were looking back at a few of the photographs we started to notice the similarities. Have a look and see what we’re talking about.



If you or someone you know would be interested in a vintage photography inspired creative beauty session we would love to hear from you. Or if you have another idea in mind, the creative possibilities are endless and these types of photo sessions are an absolute blast.

Thanks for reading, happy Wednesday.
Enjoy the Sunshine.