Remember what you felt in the moment

We are a Camrose Wedding Photography Company and we believe in the power of a photograph. Good photography is about so much more than taking pretty pictures. It takes you back to the moments you’ve lived and reminds you of what you felt. Good photography is about passing on a legacy of your most important moments for your friends and family to cherish.
Whether it’s wedding photography, maternity/newborn photography or something else we want you to remember exactly what you felt in the movement.
That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we want to be your photographers.

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  • Our friends and family continue to say we have the best wedding photos they's ever seen. Thanks Tracey and Mark!
    Lisa Borin
    Lisa Borin
  • Our album shows a perfect storyline of the whole day. It captured all of the important details that were special to us and the little things that you hope people would notice!
    Stacey Gunderson
    Stacey Gunderson
  • Mark and Tracey are an exceptionally talented duo - an example of Camrose wedding photography at its finest! My husband and I would recommend Mark and Tracey to anyone! The are truly gifted at what they do.
    Kim Lindballe
    Kim Lindballe

We believe in your Legacy

We believe that there are three essential elements to focus on in every session we cover

The Client

Everything we do is 100% about our client’s legacy. It’s not about us, it’s about you and your family. We’re there to capture legacy moments that you can cherish forever.

The Emotion

We want you to be able to experience the feel and emotions that were present when your photographs were captured every time you look at them.

The Story

As a Camrose Wedding Photography company we want to tell the whole story. If it’s a wedding that means staying from start to finish. If it’s newborn/maternity photography that means taking extra care to document special moments of you interacting with your baby in their new home. Your legacy lives through the stories that you tell, we believe our pictures will help you frame them!

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Originally from British Columbia we relocated to Camrose in 2012. We’ve been married for ten years and are the proud parents of two beautiful young children.
Our Camrose wedding photography Company: Crown Photography & Film, started as a dream years ago and has now become a reality.
We always envisioned a photography business with two primary shooters. That way nothing would get missed on the wedding day and each couple would have a chance to see photographs captured in more than one style at every session. Even though our primary work in Camrose is wedding photography, we also love to shoot engagement sessions, maternity and newborn sessions, commercial work, and events. One of our favourite things about what we do is that we get to do it together!
We are a Camrose wedding photography company, we are fun, energetic and think life’s most important moments should be captured forever so that you can look back at them whenever you want. Thank you for visiting our website, we encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, read through our recent blog posts and enjoy the journey of preserving life’s special moments one day at a time.
Camrose Alberta is a beautiful place to live. If you – or a couple you know – are getting married in the near future we would love the opportunity to photograph the special occasion. Often we find that couples also appreciate recommendations when choosing a wedding designer, venue or florist and we are glad to discuss such topics during your free wedding consultation.

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